Tis the Season! (To Become a Retail Widow)

Thanksgiving is looming, Christmas gifts are piling in the spare room, it's starting to snow a little (!!!), and I am flying face first into my retail widow part of the year. Some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I lose my SO to the whirling tide of retail madness. It sweeps him up in its … Continue reading Tis the Season! (To Become a Retail Widow)


I Was Popular Once

How many of us reach for popularity, only to have our hand consistently slapped away, or worse, bitten? Think back to high school, and that popular group of people. Remember wanting to talk to them, hang out with them, sit at their lunch table, go to their parties, and be a part of their world? … Continue reading I Was Popular Once

This Is the Last Time I’ll See My Son

This is the last time I will see my son, because this is probably his last time on this Earth. If you think this statement is unusual, you'd be correct, in some circles. If I started talking about the age of the soul at this conjecture, you'd understand, in some circles. I believe in the … Continue reading This Is the Last Time I’ll See My Son

I Hate John Tesh – Don’t I?

A few decades ago, mass media decided we needed general advice to make our lives better. Everything from advice columns to motivational speakers exploded. This is the fad that produced talk show host, John Tesh. I seriously want to like him, because he gives terrific advice, backed by scientific studies. However, I hate him. I … Continue reading I Hate John Tesh – Don’t I?


My Facebook feed has been nothing but one long conversation about rape for the past two weeks. Some people are on her side, some on his, some people think too many women holler rape for no reason, some people are against victim shaming. It's maddening, and enough to make me want to leave the forum … Continue reading R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Living in A Shithole

A couple I know (and only talk to through duty to family) decided to move last year. When asked why, the answer was, "to get out of this shit hole". They were referring to the state in which they lived, and had lived for a few decades. Their house was pretty decent, too. As they … Continue reading Living in A Shithole

Just Leave

I really don't like it when people don't evacuate ahead of a storm. It's selfish and inconsiderate to the first responders. Anyone who has sat at home waiting for their favorite responder to go rescue someone who could have avoided the whole situation might know where I stand. We have the technology to know when … Continue reading Just Leave